War Virgin: The Book


My Journey of Repression, Temptation and Liberation

ON MARCH 21, 2003, Army Lieutenant and West Point graduate Laura Westley invaded liberated Iraq (the Army prohibited using the word “invasion”) with the full intention of keeping her virginity securely intact. For twenty-four years, she had obeyed the strict teachings of evangelical Christianity and kept her legs closed, vowing to preserve her purity for her future husband. Being at war, however, made her realize that adhering to strict religious principles perhaps wasn’t worth it, not when bombs, RPGs and gunfire constantly threaten to cut your life short. WAR VIRGIN is a coming-of-age memoir that chronicles Laura’s journey through repression, temptation, and ultimately, liberation. This “war story” describes a woman’s battle to discover, protect and own her unique identity. No veteran or West Point graduate has ever offered such a candid, irreverent look at the comically naughty, sexually charged underbelly of the military.

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War Virgin: The Book

Get the book War Virgin: My journey of repression, temptation and liberation on Amazon. Book and Kindle versions now available.

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